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  • CNC Turning Cutting Speeds & Feeds - How to Calculate Speeds and Feeds for CNC | Dajin Precision
    2020/1/21 16:09:53

    Speeds and feeds are critical parameters need to be considered for the CNC cutting process. Proper settings are beneficial to the CNC cutters, production efficiency and surface finish of the final parts. What is cutting speed and feed rate? How to calculate speeds and feeds? Let's find out CNC speeds and feeds parameters definition, formula, calculator and more in this guide. What ar...

  • Knurling Tool Definition, Types & How Does Knurling Work? | CNC Knurling Tool
    2020/1/16 15:22:49

    Knurling is widely used in applications and objects from daily life to the mechanical industry. How is knurling done? And how to use a knurling tool? To figure out the CNC knurling tool, we have explored the knurling tool definition, types, usage, and instructions.Related Read: 3 Ways of Knurling on CNC LatheWhat Is A Knurling Tool? - Knurling Tool Definition & UsageA knurling tool is a m...

  • Advantages, Applications of Industrial Powder Coating & What is Powder Coating | Dajin Precision
    2020/1/13 11:49:05

    Industrial powder coating is a common metal surface finishing method to add a thin layer on the exterior of the machined part. In this guide, introduces powder coating definition, powder coat pros, applications and more.What is Powder Coating?Powder coating is solvent-free 100% solid coating comes in the state of fine powder, which is different from the general coating. The powd...

  • CNC Lathe Machine and Turning Center Operating Procedures, Rules & Instructions
    2020/1/8 16:01:45

    CNC machines operation can be done according to standard procedures and detailed instructions to ensure the safety and minimum of the problems or troubles you may meet. Now, follow us to check out the CNC lathe machine operating procedure, which is also applicable for the CNC turning center. CNC Lathe & CNC Turning Center Operation Procedures, Rules & InstructionsNot only a clean envi...

  • Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys Anodizing Method and Process in Chromic Acid Solutions
    2020/1/6 11:57:32

    Anodizing or Anodization is a common CNC aluminum parts surface treatment technology that applies the electrochemical process, in this guide, we'll introduce an improved aluminum alloy anodizing method and process in chromic acid solutions. Aluminum Anodizing TechniquesThe aluminum and aluminum alloy chromic acid anodizing coating is an insulating film, when the aluminum products need to ...

  • How to Improve Chip Management & Breakage in CNC Machining Process | CNC Chip Control Tips
    2020/1/3 16:36:56

    Chip removal and breaking are main challenges in metal cutting on a CNC lathe, which concerns the quality of final CNC products, waste of materials, tools lifespan and more, how to improve chip management in CNC machining? Here will explore CNC chip control tips to ensure the efficiency of CNC manufacturing. What Problems CNC Machining Chips Will Cause?The machining chips w...

  • CNC Turning Cutting Tools Types, Classifications & How to Select Best CNC Cutting Tools for Turning/Machining
    2020/1/2 16:11:38

    There is a series of CNC cutting tools with different appearances and functions to complete the operation with CNC machining program to produce internal and external cylindrical surfaces, conical surface, arc surface, thread, and more turned components automatically. What CNC turning cutting tools are commonly used and what's the difference? Follow us to find tips for how to...

  • Metal Finishing Types & How to Choose Right Surface Treatment Methods for Your CNC Machined Metal Parts
    2019/12/26 17:39:47

    Metal finishing is used to change the appearance or improve the performance of machined metal parts through physical, chemical or mechanical processes. What metal surface finishing types you can use and how to choose the right one? Here introduces the common options of metal finishing and factors you should consider when finding the best surface treatment.Metal Finishing Types -...

  • 3 Common Screw Thread Manufacturing Methods in CNC | Threading on CNC Machines
    2019/12/25 14:58:51

    Screw thread manufacturing is an important technique in CNC machining, it weighs much to the quality of machined parts and efficiency of the machining center. With the improvement of CNC machining performance and cutting tools, there are better CNC threading ways to increase precision and efficiency. Here will introduce 3 common screw thread CNC manufacturing methods. Commo...

  • Bidet Toilet Seat Spray Nozzle Structure, Materials, Advantages | CNC Machining Nozzles
    2019/12/17 15:52:11

    With the update of technology and improvement of living convenience, the self-cleaning bidet toilet seat nozzles have instead of the manual toilet flushing in lots of families. The bidet toilet seat wash nozzles can be processed on the CNC machining center with different materials. What's the structure of the bidet seat and what's the difference between stainless steel nozzle and other typ...

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