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  • What is Cylindricity & Difference Between Circularity and Cylindricity | How to Measure Cylindricity | Dajin Precision
    2020/4/1 14:48:52

    Cylindricity is important in the measurement of cylindrical machined parts, it’s a geometric tolerance that controls all the points on the entire surface of the cylindrical feature. Cylindricity tolerance can be applied to manage the manufacturing cost. Then how to measure cylindricity? Both are categorized as no datum feature and concerns circular elements, what’s the difference between circulari...

  • How to Sand And Polish Stainless Steel Parts - Methods of Polishing Stainless Steel | Dajin Precision
    2020/3/30 15:15:17

    Stainless steel is a common option of the food container, home appliances, sinks, and more products, but the stainless steel parts tend to become dull over time. How to restore the original luster of the stainless steel or make it look new again? Here we bring some simple methods of polishing stainless steel. If there are scratches on the object, you need to sand stainless steel firstly. The moder...

  • Overview of All Aluminum Grades and Alloys - Aluminum Classification and Types | Dajin Precision
    2020/3/27 17:44:59

    Before starting a project or manufacturing process, we should choose the best material to ensure success. If there are only subtle differences between two aluminum alloys, how to make the decision? Understand the classification, types, series, names, compositions, basic properties and characteristics of most aluminum grades and alloys, as well as temper designation, you are able to select amazing ...

  • What are the Differences Between Brass, Bronze and Copper | Dajin Precision
    2020/3/26 14:22:29

    Brass, bronze and copper are collectively referred to as red metals because of the distinctive reddish color, but the actual color of each metal is not the same. The composition is one of the most reliable methods to differentiate brass and bronze, while it’s not visually and not easy to tell. How to identify brass and bronze? What’s the difference between brass and copper? We need to compare them...

  • Guide to 6061 Aluminum: Properties, Types & Uses | Aluminum 6061 vs 6063, 7075 and 2024 | Dajin Precision
    2020/3/24 15:23:34

    As a commonly used material, what makes aluminum alloy versatile? Starts with the makeup, here we’ll introduce what is 6061 aluminum, its typical types, properties, and uses. In addition, aluminum 6061 vs 6063, 6061 vs 7075, 6061 vs 2024, what are the differences and which one to choose?What is 6061 Aluminum & Types of 6061 Aluminum 6061 aluminum, also known as Alloy 61S, is precipitation...

  • What is Straightness & How to Measure Straightness | Difference Between Straightness and Flatness
    2020/3/21 17:42:26

    The 2D drawings of 3D CNC turning parts may contain lots of straight lines, while the straightness can be used to control the line element of a feature within a specific tolerance zone. It indicates how straight the surface or axis is needed. Today, explores the straightness definition, measurement method and difference between straightness and flatness.What is Straightness?Stra...

  • What is Concentricity & How to Measure Concentricity - All You Need to Know about Concentricity | Dajin Precision
    2020/3/19 12:08:30

    When you manufactured a CNC turning piping part, concentricity is the term for checking whether the tube wall thickness between the OD and ID is constant, which means the part is concentric. Then what is concentricity and how to measure it? Other than these questions, we'll also present the formula for calculating the concentricity, as well as OD/ID concentricity and wall runout.Related R...

  • Instruments for Calibration of CNC Machine Tools - What Instruments are Used to Verify the Accuracy | Dajin Precision
    2020/3/16 11:58:49

    The traditional methods of CNC machine calibrations need experienced operators and enough down-time, which causes a waste of time and cost. To ensure the product quality and verify the accuracy of machine tools, modern instruments for the calibration of CNC machine tools are widely used to avoid most of the errors, try to reach maximum efficiency. What is CNC machine calibration and why calib...

  • Guide to Internal Turning on Lathe - Factors and Optimization Tips of Internal Turning | Dajin Precision
    2020/3/12 15:00:28

    Internal turning on lathe is a technical for processing holes on the inner surface of the workpiece, during the process, there may be an improper cutting force and chip removal problems influences the machining quality. According to the influencing factors on internal turning, practical optimization tips and measures can be referenced.What is Internal Turning?Internal turning is the process on lat...

  • What is Hard Anodizing & Difference Between Hard Anodized and Anodized | Dajin Precision
    2020/3/9 11:44:43

    When you are demanding more thick and durable CNC aluminum parts, hard anodizing is an ideal choice, its production process differs from standard anodizing. Here we'll present what is hard anodizing, some properties of hard anodized aluminum and the difference between hard anodized and anodized. What is Hard Anodizing and How Hard Anodizing Process is Done?Hard anodizing is a functional r...

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