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2020/3/30 15:15:17

Stainless steel is a common option of the food container, home appliances, sinks, and more products, but the stainless steel parts tend to become dull over time. How to restore the original luster of the stainless steel or make it look new again? Here we bring some simple methods of polishing stainless steel. If there are scratches on the object, you need to sand stainless steel firstly. The modern tools and techniques also allow you to polish the stainless steel to different effects, such as mirror finish, mill finish, and brushed finish. 

CNC turning stainless steel parts

How to Polish Stainless Steel Parts or Products?

When a stainless steel product or material is used for a long time, it may get some scratches all along with the object and started oxidizing in some places. In order to restore the appearance of stainless steel parts or make it look like a new one, here we introduce the ways of polishing  scratches out of stainless steel can be done at home:

1. Find some grinding discs equivalent to 300 to 400 grit sandpaper

2. Use a basic little angle grinder with medium disc first then use a fine one to remove all the initial scratches, you can take it safely without a guard, just keep your hands away from the disc all during the process. You can also use the polishing wheels without guard, handle them carefully.

3. Make sure you wear a pair of safety glasses or a full face mask especially for the buffing.

4. Find a buffing wheel and fit it on, go with the rotation of the stitching

5.Apply some finishing paste for stainless steel on the polishing wheel

6. Start up your polishing wheel, notice to get some eye protection

How to Sand Stainless Steel By Hand?

1.Spray some Alumicut on the stainless steel as a lubricant before sanding

2. Take one 400 grit sandpaper to sand the stainless steel sheet, plate, bar or machined part, take your time and make sure hit every inch of the material, including sides and edges, do not stay in one area for too long.

3. Take 800 grit sandpaper, 1000 grit, and 1500 grit successively and sand it as previously done, the stainless steel starting to become shiny, note to apply lubricant as often as you need.

4. Next up, use 2000 grit, 3000 grit, 5000 grit, and 7000 grit sandpaper, the stainless steel will be closer to the mirror finish, then you can start polishing.

More Methods of Polishing Stainless Steel


Choose one type of vinegar-based on your requirements. If you want to remove tough stains on the stainless steel container, use the cleaning vinegar, white and cider vinegar can also work well with stainless. First, wipe the steel down in the direction of the grain and then spray an amount of vinegar on your stainless steel product until the object is fully covered by a thin layer of vinegar. Finally, wipe the vinegar with a clean soft cloth.

2.Olive Oil

Pour certain amount of olive oil on a soft microfiber washcloth and coat the oil on the stainless steel. Apply steady pressure to the surface until move along the whole object. Then use a clean towel remove excess oil.


Choose or buy a non-waxy steel polish and an oil-based/water-based cleaner. It’s better to find a well-ventilated space to polish the stainless steel to avoid inhaling dangerous fumes. Put on a pair of rubber gloves and spray some cleaner over the steel. Lastly, wipe the part down in the direction of the grain with a dry microfiber cloth. 


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