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2020/1/13 11:49:05

Industrial powder coating is a common metal surface finishing method to add a thin layer on the exterior of the machined part. In this guide, introduces powder coating definition, powder coat pros, applications and more.

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What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is solvent-free 100% solid coating comes in the state of fine powder, which is different from the general coating. The powder coat will be applied on the metal surface evenly through electrostatic spraying. Industrial powder coating is an advanced coating process that applies to almost any metal, also has better quality and aesthetic effect than other surface treatments, environmentally friendly and resource-conserving. Powder coating is a new painting method used for industrial components, architectural applications, automotive refinishing, bicycle parts, medical equipment, household appliances, and more products finishing services.

Types of Powder Coatings

- Epoxies

- Polyesters

- Super Durable Polyesters

- Epoxy-Polyester Hybrids

- Fluoropolymers

- Urethanes

What are the Benefits of Powder Coating? - Powder Coating Advantages 

1. Durable 

The color of coated CNC metal parts that applied powder coating is more durable than that not, and with improved properties, the part can still maintain a good surface after collision and friction, while avoiding some secondary process, saves the cost for enterprises and customers.

2. Environmental friendly

The powder coating can adopt a closed-circuit circulation system, meets the related standards and rules, there is no air pollution caused by the volatilization of organic solvents. In addition, the remaining powder coat can be recycled, the utilization rate is over 95%.

3. Easy to clean

It's easy to keep high cleanliness of the operating environment, the powder attached to the skin can be blown off with compressed air or use warm water and soap to wash it. Do not use an irritating cleaning agent. 

4. Improved efficiency

Comparing with complex dry baking finish with solvent type coatings, industrial powder coating reduced the quantities of processes, which is beneficial to energy-saving and production efficiency. What's more, the construction of powder coating does not be affected by seasons, which makes it more convenient.

5. Convenient transportation and storage

The powder coating contains neither water nor solvent, which makes it convenient to transport, the common coatings contain water that will freeze when the temperature is lower than 0℃ in transportation and storage.

6. Energy saving

Most of the starting materials of solvent and are petroleum, powder coat has no solvent and liquid, decreases the consumption of raw materials directly.  

7. Good look

Not only with enhanced corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance, but the powder coating is also aesthetically pleasing with varying colors. Powder coatings allow much thicker coatings than liquid coatings without running, provide a level and uniform visual appearance in horizontal and vertical.

Industrial Powder Coating Applications - Where Does the Process of Powder Coating Be Used?

A wide range of industries can benefit from the process of powder coating. What parts are suitable to be coated?

1. Automotive & Transportation

From car door handles to wheels to bumpers, as well as engine on radiators, filters, and other parts, or surface primer, to motorbike frames to public transportation, powder coating can be used for protection to avoid corrosion or rust. It can also add various colors to enhance the appearance. 

2. Medical & Pharmaceutical

Power coating can improve the flow of powders and bulk density, which beneficial for pharmacy.

3. Construction & Building

For windows, doors, fencing, poles, building facades, stadiums, etc., it's an ideal outdoor coating material to provide long-term exterior finishes, which is resistant to UV rays and scratches, lots of colors can be applied and lasting for a long time.

4. Electronics & Appliances

The most applications in electrical equipment are the side and front panels of the stoves, refrigerators, and water heaters and other appliances. Actually, the appliance industry accounts for the largest share of powder coating market. The process is also applied for vending machines, ranges, microwaves, washers and dryers, etc. 

5. Outdoor & Sports

From golf clubs and ski poles to bicycles, powder coating can provide high-quality surface treatment, which can stand the test of bad weather. From playground and park equipment to lawn chairs, powder coat finishes provide a beautiful appearance that helps protect equipment from corrosion. More applications like signs of public space, to resistant wear. 

6. Agricultural

It involves the agricultural equipment including grain storage systems, tractors, trailers, cranes, plows, earthmoving equipment, forklift trucks, etc. 


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