CNC Lathe Machine and Turning Center Operating Procedures, Rules & Instructions

2020/1/8 16:01:45

CNC machines operation can be done according to standard procedures and detailed instructions to ensure the safety and minimum of the problems or troubles you may meet. Now, follow us to check out the CNC lathe machine operating procedure, which is also applicable for the CNC turning center. 

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CNC Lathe & CNC Turning Center Operation Procedures, Rules & Instructions

Not only a clean environment, sharp tool, complete design, programming, and effective machines are needed in the machine shop, the CNC turning parts production also requires enough expertise for operating the CNC lathe machines and turning centers successfully. 

1. Preparation

- Wear the specified overalls, protection appliances, etc. Do not wear gloves.

- Drinking is prohibited.

- Concentrate on work, execute the operation carefully.

- Strictly abide by the CNC lathe operation procedures.

- Prepare desired tools and raw materials.

2. Machine inspection and operation

- Read the CNC machine operating instruction or manual in detail before the start.

- Check the shift record before working every day, whether there is any abnormal phenomenon, and observe whether the oil in the automatic lubricating oil tank of the machine tool is sufficient, then manually operate and add oil several times.

- When connecting to the power supply, the main power supply of the machine tool shall be connected first, and then to connect the CNC power supply. But when cutting off the power supply, the operation shall be carried out in reverse order.

- Before power transmission and pressing the button, notice whether someone is repairing the machine tool or electrical equipment around. 

- Check out if all the control functions are normal as the instruction before the operation.

- Check out if all the pressure indicated on pressure gauges is normal.

- Turn on the spindle in any direction to warm up the machine.

- Place the tools you need in the tool turret of the CNC lathe.

- Cut off the main power supply immediately when power failure.

- After the operation, remember to cut off the main power supply.

- Press the Stop button immediately in case of an emergency. 

3. General safety operation procedures of CNC lathe and turning center 

- Be familiar with the function of each button and operation precautions.

- When using the machine, pay attention to all warning signs on the equipment.

- The tools around the machine should be placed safely and regularly.

- The protective door of the machine tool must be closed before machining.

- After the cutting tool is clamped, test it manually.

- During the running process, don't remove the chips.

- Do not touch any moving part of the running machine by hand.

- Use the right tool to clear chips.

- The measurement can only be carried out when the machine stops.

- Keep the machine and control equipment clean, maintain properly.

4. Special precautions during CNC operation

- When the CNC lathe machine is powered on, do not touch the parts and areas with a lightning sigh and strong electric device on the machine to avoid electric injury.

- Before starting the maintenance of electrical devices, cut off power supply firstly.

- Do not turn on the lathe when thundering. Because the instantaneous high voltage and high current follow lightning stroke are easy to impact the machine tool, resulting in the burning of modules or data loss.

- Set up a lighting arrester on the roof of the CNC workshop.

- Ensure each computer numerical control lathe machine is well-grounded, and the grounding resistance is less than 4 Ω.

- It is forbidden to fight, chat, sleep or leave the post at will.

5. After the processing finished, clean and machine and used facilities. 


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