Knurling Tool Definition, Types & How Does Knurling Work? | CNC Knurling Tool

2020/1/16 15:22:49

Knurling is widely used in applications and objects from daily life to the mechanical industry. How is knurling done? And how to use a knurling tool? To figure out the CNC knurling tool, we have explored the knurling tool definition, types, usage, and instructions.


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What Is A Knurling Tool? - Knurling Tool Definition & Usage

A knurling tool is a manufacturing and repair tool on lathes to produce straight, diagonal or diamond patterns, which presented as teeth of uniform pitch on the exterior of the workpiece. The diamond pattern is also called the cross pattern. Angular (diagonal) patterns can be left hand or right hand.

The knurling tool is used to press or impact regular patterns onto a round section of the machined parts for gripping or aesthetic purposes, to provide a patterned handle for better grip or serration surfaces where components are locked or keyed together in unit assemblies. 

Knurling Tool Types

Knurling tools can be divided into various types. The tools refer to the toothed steel wheels, rolls or knurls.

- Internal knurling tools: can knurl up to a depth in the workpiece according to the toughness of the material

- Convex knurl tools: axial feed knurling tool

- Conical knurl tools: mainly generate radical face knurling or conical surfaces

- Straight knurling holder: solid and have one wheel

- Spiral knurling holder: the head is tiltable, holds two wheels

- Self-centering knurling tools: twin knurl wheels to cut straight and diamond patterns

- Revolving self-centering knurling tool: three sets of twin wheels

- Shoulder self-centering knurling tool: knurl against a square shoulder.

How Does Knurling Work?

To make a knurl pattern, the workpiece is secured in straight direction on a lathe machine, the knurling tools are held on the knurl holder that attached to the worktable, then the knurling tool will move forward to the workpiece. Knurling is done through the displacement of the lathe parts when the knurl tool is pressed against the surface of a rotating material blank.

Knurling Tool Instructions - How to Use A Knurling Tool on A Lathe?

Set the chunk on the lathe rotates at low speed, make the knurling tool press against the rotating steel and then increase the pressure slowly until the pattern is done. When the saddle automatically moves along with the bed, the knurled pattern is formed onto the surface along its length, if the reciprocating motion of the lathe is stopped and then reverse, a diamond pattern will be made. The motion of the knurling tool is moving from the start position to feed in with a length of the knurl to retract with a distance of part diameter to return to start point.

CNC Knurling Tool - Knurling Tool for CNC Turning

Knurling is a special machining operation, it's metal forming action can be done manually or on CNC lathes, while not a cutting operation. CNC knurling tools act on the parts will produce depressions or indentations on the surface of the part when it is moving along the horizontal axis. Modular tools with interchangeable heads are recommended for CNC knurling.


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