CNC Measuring System - CNC Measuring Tools, Equipment and Machines Types

2019/12/11 9:45:07

Due to the high requirements of CNC products, each part should accurate dimension and precision, which needs a complete CNC measuring system. Which tools are often used in CNC machining? What instruments are used to measure contour? Here will list some typical CNC measuring machines, equipment, and tools applied in the CNC machine shop. 

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CNC Measuring System - Typical CNC Measuring Tools 

To make sure each CNC machining part is manufactured with the right specification, the size and tolerance should be measured with specific sophisticated CNC metrology tools. 

1. Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

The CMM establishes a mechanical coordinate system with the platform of measuring machine as the reference plane, to collect the coordinate values of the measured points on the surface of the measured workpiece, then project it into the spatial coordinate system to construct a spatial model of the workpiece. It's designed to measure various aspects automatically, applicable from small hardware parts to the whole machine.

2. Surface Plate

Surface place is a solid, flat plate designed for horizontal reference, applicable in precision inspection, marking layout and tooling setup. It needs to make shape adjustment and correct calibration for useful results. Granite often used as the surface plate material as its stable properties. 

3. Laser Scanning Arms

Laser scanning arms can measure a wide range of dimensions at the same time. It can automatically measure thousands of data points.

4. Go/No-Go Gauge

Go/No-Go gauge is an inspection tool used to check a workpiece whether within specific tolerance ranges through the go/no-go test. The workpiece has to pass one test (go) and fail the other (no-go).

5. Micrometer

Micrometer, also known as micrometer screw gauge, can be applied as a CNC measuring tool to take an accurate measurement of machined components, usually working with the dial, vernier, digital calipers, and more metrological equipment. 

6. Calipers

Calipers are a kind of metrological device used to measure the distance between two opposite sides of a part, there is a wide range of calipers of different sizes and shapes. 

7. Air Gage

The principle of the Air Gage is to eject air from a calibrated nozzle, and then record the rate at which the air returns to multiple sensor nozzles. The size of the object is measured by reading the air flow between the measured object and the measuring tool.

CNC Measuring System - Dajin Precision CNC Measuring Equipment and Devices

Dajin Precision is conducting strict quality control all the time to ensure high quality and meet customer requirements. A series of equipment in the area of measurement and testing assist the manufacturing and inspection process. We have gained the ISO9001:2015 certification.

1. Coating thickness measuring device

2. Digital measurement projector

3. Profile projector

4. Miscellaneous concentricity test devices

5. Camera system for visual inspections

6. Contour measuring device

7. Large selection of gauge blocks, test mandrels, thread and gear gauges, etc.

CNC Measuring System - CNC Measuring Machines

1. Shape measuring machine. It is applied to measure physical value: shape and contour, suitable for automatic roughness measurement on engine components and shafts. You can get effective measurement no matter the size of machined parts. 

2. Contour measuring machine. It is applied to measure physical value: contour and roughness, complete automatic roughness and contour measurement at the production line. Applicable for crank shafts, cylinder heads, and cylinder blocks.

3. Video measuring machine. Applying the video technique, measuring small precision parts cost-effectively and automatically.

4. Shaft measuring machine. It can be used to measure the physical value contour, geometry, concentricity, diameter, angle, and length.

5. Visual measuring machine. Fast inspection, digital probe designed for depth measurements. 


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