What is Laser Marking & Laser Engraving | Laser Marking Materials, Applications & Benefits

2019/12/12 16:26:16

Laser technology is increasing in popularity as it can provide permanent marks for diverse products of varying materials, as an experienced CNC machining services supplier, Dajin Precision offering laser marking services for your machined components. What is laser marking and laser graving? Here we'll introduce laser marking materials, applications, benefits and more.

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What is Laser Marking? & What is Laser Engraving?

Laser marking is a permanent process that uses a high energy density laser beam to irradiate the part, vaporize the surface material or change the color, so as to create a lasting mark on the surface. The common types of laser marking including engraving, annealing, carbon migration, discoloration, and etching. Laser marking can print all kinds of characters, symbols, patterns, etc. The process generally completed by fiber, pulsed, or continuous wave laser machine.

Laser engraving is a kind of laser marking method, which through lasers to engrave an object like CNC turned part.

The Advantages of Laser Marking Process - Laser Marking Benefits

1. Automation and High Speed

As the laser marking process can be automatically performed with high speed and high efficiency, once marking can be completed in seconds, we can save lots of times or deal with large amounts of products in a short period of time, applying different laser marking techniques according to different applications would be faster.

2. Cost-Effective

The efficient and automatic process can not only save time but also reduce costs. Operators only need to set up the laser marking machines to make them complete the work automatically, instead of handling the system manually, so it can cut lots of labor and operational cost, the main cost resource is the electricity consumption.

3. Precision and Lasting

Laser marking and engraving service can print extremely accurate and precise marks, characters and patterns on small turning parts. The marking is clearly shown on the surface and lasting permanently, and will not fade due to environmental influences such as touch, acid and reducing gas, high temperature, low temperature, etc.

4. No Damage & No Pollution

Laser marking is non-contact processing, which can print marks on any regular or irregular surface, and the workpiece will not generate internal stress after marking, so as to ensure the original accuracy of the workpiece and not cause damage to the material. In addition, the whole process is safe and environmental-friendly, no corrosion to the working surface, no wear, no poison, and no pollution.

5. Anti-counterfeiting

The marks engraved by laser marking technology are not easy to copy and change, can prevent forgery. 

6. Wide Application

Laser marking can process many kinds of metal and non-metal materials. 

Laser Marking Materials - What Can Be Processed By Laser Marking?

Laser marking machines can work with a collection of common or uncommon materials as below.

Metals: aluminum, anodized aluminum, steel, stainless steel, magnesium, chromium, precious metal, brass, copper, titanium 


Gems: rubies, sapphires and even diamonds

Other materials: wood, mirror, paper, leather, fabric, cardboard, cork, ceramics, glass, silicon, composites, graphite, LEDs, etc.

Laser Marking Applications - Where Can Laser Marking Be Used?

Actually, laser marking has a broad range of applications, any objects made from materials that can be processed with laser marking are applicable to the service. 

1. Automotive industry: marks and icons on buttons, covers, wheels, rims, etc. of the cars, laser marking is also applicable in bicycles, motorcycles, and more vehicles.

2. Packaging industry: create clear markings on the external and internal package, easy to read and recognize, without materials wear.

3. Medical industry: surgical tools, instruments and implants, convenient to track and identify.

4. Electronic industry: complex codes on low-voltage electrical equipment, electrical panel, etc.

5. Mechanical industry: raceways, gears, cutting tools, etc.

6. Other industries: keyboards of computers, calculators, phones, mobiles, and gifts, pens, etc.

Dajin Precision Laser Marking Services

Dajinprecision.com is capable to mark your CNC machining parts using the latest laser technology. Alongside all metals, we can also mark (and if necessary cut) sensitive materials such as plastic, wood, cardboard, glass and more. We will gladly show you the possibilities and characteristics of laser marking, laser engraving, and annealing marking. You can benefit from these additional services without any hassle, irrespective of any prior turning work.


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