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2019/12/5 17:05:02

In order to get optimum finished products with an even and smooth surface, manufacturers often apply deburring and surface finishing on CNC machined parts. What is deburring and what solutions can be used to deburr the manufactured components? Here dajinprecision.com will introduce possible deburring methods or techniques with unique features and applications. 

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What is Deburring? 

Deburring is the process to remove burrs on the machined components, or it could be chamfering or rounding sharp edges, corners and ridges during the machining process. Deburring process can also get rid of small bumps attached to the workpiece after it machined by a grinding wheel or cutters. Almost every deburring process will produce radius or chamfer, even alter the external dimensions on exposed surfaces, so the machines shops should use the most proper deburring machines and tools to minimize the effect. CNC deburring can work with hard plastic, metal to alloys. 

How to Deburr CNC Machined Parts? - Choose the Best Deburring Methods

Deburring can be completed by hand or deburring machines. Each type of deburring has its specific characteristics. Check out some typical deburring process for metal parts.

1. Vibratory Finishing

Vibratory finishing is often the common choice for precision deburring, produce a smooth surface, safe for threaded parts, suitable for fragile parts or large parts, easy to install and unloading, but the tough burrs removal effect is not good as barrel tumbling. 

2. Barrel Tumbling

An effective way to remove heavy, tough burrs and round edges, ideal for machined components, molded parts, and stampings, to produce a shiny surface. But it's not easy to penetrate into interior areas of the part. 

3. Grinding 

This method includes vibration, sandblasting, roller and other methods, there is a problem that the removal is not very thoroughly, the residual burr needs to be handled manually or cooperate with other tools. Suitable for a large batch of small products.

4. Freeze deburring

The burr is embrittled rapidly by cooling, and then the burr is removed by shot blasting. The relative equipment is not cheap, suitable for products with smaller burr wall thickness and smaller parts.

5. Thermal deburring

Also known as explosive deburring, ignite the natural gas in the equipment furnace through the action of some media and conditions, then the gas will explode instantly, and the energy generated by the explosion will be used to dissolve and remove the burr. The equipment is expensive, with high operation technology requirements, mainly used in some high-precision fields, like the automobile, aerospace, etc.

6. Deburring of engraving machine

Suitable for simple space structure and simple and regular deburring positions.

7. Chemical deburring

Based on the principle of electrochemical reaction, the deburring of metal parts can be done automatically and selectively. Suitable for the internal burr that is difficult to remove, such as small burr of a pump, valve, and other machining parts.

8. Electrolyte deburring 

High efficiency. The technique is based on electrolysis, the goal is to remove inaccessible or difficult-to-access burrs on a manufactured part. The electrolyte is corrosive, which would affect the burr of parts. The surface will lose its original luster and even dimensional accuracy will be affected. After electrolyte deburring, the workpiece should be cleaned and antirust treated. Suitable for deburring gear, connecting rod, valve, sharp corner, round corner, etc.

9. Sandblasting

Sandblasting or abrasive blasting is ideal for light deburring and scale removal, ready for painting or plating. 

10. High-pressure water jet

Using the instantaneous impact force of water to remove the burr and flash produced after processing, cleaning the CNC product at the same time. The equipment is expensive, mainly used in the heart of the car and the hydraulic control system of the construction machinery. 

11. Ultrasonic deburring

Ultrasonic generates instantaneous high pressure to remove burrs. Mainly for some micro burr. Generally, suitable for the burr needs to be observed with a microscope.

12. Deburring by hand 

Not everything needs to be done by machines, Dajin Precision provides deburring and barrel finishing services, parts are often already directly deburred by hand after CNC processing, you can use file, sandpaper and grinding head are used as auxiliary tools. We have a full line of deburring and multiple surface finishing equipment that will bring you the smoothest precision machined components.


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