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2020/3/4 17:26:25

To choose a CNC machining center for your workshop should think about multiple factors, such as speed, accuracy, and power, there are also some simple issues may be ignored. How to select the right machine tools?

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Tips for Selecting or Choosing CNC Machining Center - How to Buy CNC Machine?

The key to buy CNC machines is comprehensively considering the current processing requirements and capacity, as well as estimate the future demand, featuring the following factors: rapid machining feed, rigidity and accuracy, extended axis and technical support. Before purchasing the CNC machining center, you can consult the reliable machine tool manufacturer and buyer, know about the level of technical support of the brand, supply situation of spare parts, the cost of machine tool renovation and upgrading. Which CNC machining center to choose?

1. The dimensions of the main specifications of the machining center should match the dimensions of the workpiece, which means that a small part should be processed with machines of small specifications to ensure the reasonable use of CNC equipment.

2. The accuracy of CNC machining center should be suited to machining accuracy required by process and parts to be processed. For example, machine tools with high precision should be used for the finishing process with high precision requirements.

3. The power, rigidity and the range of movement of the machine tool should be suitable for the nature of the working procedure and the appropriate cutting parameters. For example, if the roughing process removes a large amount of blank and selects large cutting allowance, the machine needed to have high power and good rigidity.

4. Convenient to clamp and equipped with simple structural fixtures. The selection of horizontal CNC machines or vertical CNC machines will directly affect the structure of the selected fixture and machining coordinate system, as well as the difficulty of CNC programming and the reliability of machining.

5. When you want to buy a vertical machining center, the basic requirements spindle rpm, torque speed, and horsepower speed are determined by the materials to be machined. For example, if you want high horsepower at high rpm for aluminum machining, the machine needs features: spindle drive motor rpm, program execution speed for finishing and ramp-up and ramp-down time for angle changes.

6. The axes strokes, spindle speeds, floor space to install the machine, spindle power and torque, production volume and other functions should be considered as well when determining the appropriate model or version of a machining center. 

Tips for Optimization of CNC Machine Tools

- According to the selected CNC machine tool, further optimize the processing plan and machining route, adjust the content appropriately according to the needs, make full use of the functions of the CNC equipment, and develop reasonably according to the needs, so as to expand the functions of the machine tool and meet the needs of the manufacturing.

- Fast feed can obtain a better combination of spindle power, torque and rotation speed. Users do not need to blindly pursue higher spindle rotation speed to obtain an ideal feed rate. In most cases, the balance between spindle torque and rotation speed is determined by the blank material and the amount of metal removed during rough machining.

- With the raising of bed temperature, the increase of heat will seriously affect the machining accuracy and tolerances.

- The high-speed spindle needs to use air/oil lubricated cutting fluid on the spindle bearing, while reducing friction. Therefore, the spindle can maintain low temperature operation, and the operation time is longer.

- Selecting a CNC machining center equipped with an extended turntable device (such as 5-axis machining center) can significantly control the purchase cost and reduce the number of clamping, not only improves the utilization rate of the machine tool, but also increases the expansibility.


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