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2020/3/3 19:04:53

Turning lathe is a type of versatile machine to complete a variety of operations on workpieces, to produce different details and change the dimensions, here we’ll introduce what is grooving operation in lathe, how to choose and set up the grooving tool, difference between groove and slot, and how to groove on CNC lathe.

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What is Grooving Operation in Lathe Machine?

Grooving is a type of specific turning operation that cut grooves or forms a narrow cavity of a certain depth on external, internal surfaces, cylinder, cone, or a face of the part (face grooving or trepanning). Grooving is a machining process performed on CNC lathes, the shape of grooves or the majority of grooves will be related to the cutting tool shape. There are three typical types of groove: OD grooves, ID grooves and face grooves, which affects the use of the grooving tool.

How to Improve Grooving with Grooving Tool?

Grooving tool usually is a carbide insert mounted in a tool holder, can be used to cut external or internal grooves, and many other machining operations. There are multiple designs of grooving inserts, like a single tip or several tips for different configurations. Grooving tools with more tips can reduce costs and improve productivity. For specific groove types, OD (outer diameter) grooving works best when the tool tip held below the center line slightly. The ID (inner diameter) grooving get optimal performance when the tool top above the center line. In face grooving, the tool needs to be held slightly above center line and move in an axial direction, the clearance radius on the tool must match the radius being cut.

What’s the Difference Between Slot and Groove?

1. Generally, a groove is blind while slot may be through.

2. Grooving is often worked with round parts, while slot machined on rectangular plates.

3. Groove usually in cylindrical cutout, slot tends to be a flat and narrow hole with straight edges.

4. Slot is stretched in one direction and usually has complete radius on both ends with round or non-round edges, slot often cut into a flat plate or to the axis of a cylinder, grooves are cut around the OD or ID of a cylinder and do not pass through the axis of the cylinder, could have curves. 

How to Groove on CNC Lathe?

Here is a video showing how to use the G75 canned cycle to rough and finish a groove wider than a tool on CNC lathe machines: 


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