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2020/2/26 17:10:09

High speed machining (HSM) is not a new word in recent years, however, it has not been defined clearly, then what is high speed machining and what CNC machines can meet the requirements for high speed cutting? 

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What is High Speed Machining (HSM)?

For the definition of high speed machining, there is no standard of the uniform speed and speed range, some focus on surface speed (relative speed between the tool and workpiece), or spindle speed, or spindle bearing rotation, it’s regarded as machining with a high material removal rate with a large axial depth of cut and large radial depth of cut. Generally, the 5-10 times cutting speed of conventional machining is called high-speed cutting. High speed CNC machining is a Computer Numerical Control manufacturing process at a speed much higher than the conventional cutting speed. The purpose of high speed machining is to improve productivity, shorten the production cycle, reduce production cost, and raise the overall competitiveness of CNC manufacturing company, it’s usually used in finishing process, such as the hardened steel processing.

What CNC Machines are Needed for High Speed Machining/Cutting?

Not each machine can do high speed turning and machining, how to meet the requirements of high speed CNC cutting?

What kind of machine tool can do high speed machining/cutting?

1. Machines with short processing time and high efficiency.

2. Good cutting condition, small cutting force, the stress of the spindle bearing, cutter and workpiece is small.

3. The tool and workpiece are less affected by heat.

4. Produce good surface quality.

5. High speed cutting tools have good thermal hardness.

6. Can complete the processing of high hardness materials

How can the machine tools meet the requirements of high speed machining/cutting?

1. The mechanism and structure design is suitable for high speed operation

The machine tool should have high rigidity, good lubricant and coolant system and be able to absorb high-frequency vibration and high inertia g-code, to ensure the precision and stability.

2. Effective CNC control system

Computer numerical control system is the unit that outputs the position command. It requires that the instruction can be transmitted accurately and quickly. After being processed, it sends out the position command to each coordinate axis. The servo system must drive the cutter or worktable to move accurately according to the programming language. It needs to be able to process the program segment quickly and control the machining error to the minimum.

3. Machining cutter suitable for high speed operation

The quality and performance of high speed cutting tools, especially high-speed rotating tools, should be ensured.

4. Specialized CAD/CAM software

The specialized CAD / CAM software requires a precise path calculation method, have good compatibility with other software, can easily take over the image files of other software without distortion and can reduce the discharge process, design proper cutting path and machining parameters, and even achieve good surface quality requirements, improve the machining efficiency, extend the tool life and save the cost.


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