What's the Difference Between Bushing and Bearing | CNC Machining Bearings & Bushings

2019/11/7 12:07:19

Bearings and bushing are both important elements of modern industrial equipment running system, bushings also included in the bearings categories, what's the differences and similarities between them? Follow us to learn about CNC machining Bearings and Bushings definition, types, classifications, applications, connections, and differences.

What is A Bearing?

A bearing is a mechanical component to support the rotating body and reduce friction between moving parts to facilitate the desired motion and ensure the accuracy of rotation. The common types of bearing including plain bearing, ball bearing, roller bearing, jewel bearing, fluid bearing, magnetic bearing, flexure bearing, and molded plastic bearing. Based on the type of friction, bearings are divided into sliding bearings and rolling bearings. 


What is A Bushing?

A bushing is a classification in plain bearing, which with a shaft rotating in a hole. The bushing is a fitting refers to a ring sleeve functioning as a cushion used outside the mechanical parts to achieve sealing, wear protection, etc. CNC machining bushings are cylindrical components manufactured with lathe turning service. It can be equipped with rolling elements for sliding or just for support. Bronze alloys often used to produce bronze sleeve bushings and bronze bushing bearings, which have better hardness,  solidness, than brass, also long lifespan, impact resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. CNC machined bronze bushings are usually used in low-speed and high-load industrial applications, iron and steel manufacturing and more.

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What are the applications of bushing? Machining bushings bearings are widely as Machine components, Engine components, Turbine components, Hydraulic components, Construction Equipment, Shafts, Valves, Spindles, Bearings components, etc. that covering Aerospace, Agricultural, Architectural, Chemical, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Dental, Electronic, Food processing, Automotive, Machine Tool, Injection molding, Marine, Military, Oil Field, Optical and Packaging industry.

What's the connection between them? A bushing is a bearing, also can be called as sleeve bearing, but a bearing is not necessarily a bushing. Dajin provides a range of plastic bushings and metal bushings (precision CNC machining bearings) features brass bushings, steel bushings, POM bushes, bronze bushing bearing, and more. 

What's the Difference Between Bearing & Bushings

Bushing and bearing are both designed for lowering rolling friction between a shaft and another part attached to it, then what the main bearing and bushings difference is?

- Bearing has more complex construction, bearings commonly consist of lots of balls or rollers while the bush just a sleeve or thin tube between two parts.

- Bearings require lubricant supply all the time, while the bushes only need a small amount, not even, it is usually made of bronze alloy which has a self-lubricating effect.

- The biggest difference between bushings and rolling bearings is the volume and wear resistance. Some applications are inconvenient to install rolling bearings or for the simplicity and compactness of the equipment, CNC machining bushings will be used, there are high speed light and medium load or low speed and heavy load types.

- Bushings are generally more durable than bearings and need much less maintenance because they have no moving parts.


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