Best Arrow Archery Broadheads for Hunting and Fishing | How to Select A Arrowhead

2019/9/23 18:15:20

With the development of machining technique, newly innovated archery arrowhead of various designs remained its original advantages are getting popular for hunters and fishers. Which type of arrow broadheads are you looking for? brings best arrow broadheads for Hunting and Fishing industry and tips on how to choose an archery arrowhead.

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How to Choose the Best Arrow Archery Broadheads?

Buying a broadhead can be a fast process, but picking out a good-to-use arrowhead from the innumerable supply is hard, you need to consider about what the necessary features your arrow archery broadheads require and the certain situations.

Arrowhead Type - There are two types of broadheads commonly used in modern hunting: fixed blade broadheads and mechanical broadheads. As the name implies, a fixed blade is a blade whose shape is fixed and arrows remain unchanged after touching the target; a mechanical blade expands after hitting the target, eventually creating a larger wound to maximize the amount of bleeding. Under these two basic classifications, the specific structure of arrows is ever-changing. Different archery broadheads can be applied to different prey or hunting scenarios. Many hunters will have their own preferences after bowing for a period of time.

Blade Quantity - How many blades are best for arrow broadheads? Some hunters prefer three or four pieces because they can cut larger wounds, cause more bleeding, and kill their prey faster, someone prefers two pieces, they can penetrate deeper and reach the point better. Personally, for most species, a fixed integrated stainless steel arrowhead with three blades is a good choice.

Bow Draw Weight and Arrow Speed - Traditionally, it is generally believed that fixed blade hunting broadheads with the length of 1.25 inches or less should be selected to improve penetration when the drawing weight and the arrow speed is low. But nowadays, this concept is obviously not applicable. If well balanced, many modern bows with lower drawing pounds, regardless of the type of arrows, have the same speed and lethality as bows with higher drawing pounds.

Durability - Generally, the durability is an important aspect reflects the quality of a broadhead, it's also the essential factor you need to consider when selecting the product. The hunting broadheads with high durability will assist you to have good performance when you trying to kill the quarry. The durable broadheads need to be able to penetrate 16 to 18 inches of flesh and bone and keep intact after pass through the chest cavity of prey.

Prey Features - The type and size of hunting and fishing arrows are closely related to the species they hunt, so before choosing arrowhead, you should think about the following questions: Is the prey bigger or smaller? Is its body tissue dense? Does it have a thick fur? Is there a high chance of hitting a big rib? Based on these answers, you can have a clear requirement of the archery broadheads specifications.

Best Arrow Archery Broadheads for Hunting and Fishing

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Top 10 Best Arrow Broadheads 2019

Rage Hypodermic NC

Swhacker Levi Morgan Signature Series #261

Muzzy One

G5 Striker V2

Grim Reaper Micro Hybrid

Wasp Havalon HV

Rocky Mountain Switch Blade

Rocky Mountain First Cut

Ramcat Cage Ripper

Wac’em Hybrid

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