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2019/7/20 16:36:41

Connector is a tool to join two or more parts together for installation and normal use of specific device. The high-end precision equipment connectors are widely used in computers and peripheral equipment, automobile and medical equipment, aerospace Industry, mechanical parts and other fields, which occupy large market share.


Dajin CNC Machining Parts - CNC Lathe Machines Precision Connectors & Jointers

Dajin as an experienced CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) turning parts and machining components manufacturer, provides customized high precision instrument, equipment and machine connectors with multiple options including metal nut, screws and other types of circular jointers for different applications, we'll provide one stop service for CNC machine connectors, help you from material choosing, detail negotiation, producing and testing process, until you receive the product.

We also offers custom CNC turning service for over 10 years in quick precision machining of medical & pharmaceutical, automobile, mechanical, aerospace, electronics, military & defense, hunting & fishing, and other industries.


Features and Details of our CNC Machining Precision Connector Parts

  • Material Available: Stainless Steel/Brass/Aluminium/Copper

  • Dimensions: Customized

  • QC Control: 100% inspection

  • Surface treatment: Plating/Polishing/Heat treatment/Anodization

  • Processing equipment: CNC precision turned core machine, CNC precision turned cutting machine, Carving machine, Grinding machine and more.

  • Process type: CNC Machining, Turning, Drilling, Grinding, Broaching, etc.

  • Applications: Mechanical equipment parts, Medical equipment parts, Electronics parts, Auto car parts, Airplane spare parts, Tools parts


  • Standard: Non standard, JIS,DIN,ASTM,BS,SAE.

  • Tolerance: +/-0.005

Why choose our CNC Turning Precision Instrument Connectors

  • Factory price. We always provide budget OEM high precision products with most reasonable price.

  • Advanced and complete production equipment and technology, professional engineering and development team.

  • Serious quality control. Precision testing ensure high quality machining connectors and deliver to our worldwide valuable customers all the time.

  • Best service. If you have any problems about our connectors or other CNC lathe parts, please feel free to contact us, we'll deal with it as soon as possible.

  • We have owned the ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification.

  • We are able to customize the CNC machining parts according to your drawings and samples.

  • Fast and On time delivery. Your CNC lathe connector parts will be delivered on time with complete packaging.

  • The CNC machine connector components will be compliance with your requirement strictly and without defect.


DAJIN provides excellent quality turning services, precision turned parts, offering professional machining services at competitive price and on timely delivery. With our extensive machining capabilities, we produce the most challenging precision machining parts covering all Industries especially in mass production in automotive industry.